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Heat Pumps

TRAK Heat Pumps

If you would like to request more information or purchase a heat pump, please use the "Request Quote or Information Form" by button below or telephone +1.250.491.8460 and we can discuss how we may be of service to you.

Since 2003, TRAK's Heat Pumps had been limited to our design-build cleantech solutions that reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and operating costs. In 2018, TRAK began directly selling its custom heat pump modules to support any project.

These industrial-grade, modular, hydronic (fluid) heat pumps can be customized for a variety of applications. They are an efficient, cost-effective means of heat transfer. TRAK has simplified and standardized products for industrial processes, pharma medical grow-ops, commercial greenhouses, artificial ice rinks, warehouse refrigeration, residential district systems, condos, resorts, casinos, shopping malls, office buildings, schools, long-term care facilities and many more applications!

Our engineering and manufacturing team will work with new construction and retrofit buyers to ensure that their specific needs are satisfied. Modular 30 RT, 60 RT and 120 RT heat pumps are most common with the ability to customize size and utility. 


TRAK manufactures this equipment in-house at our facility in Kelowna, British Columbia. TRAK has projects throughout Canada and the USA and can ship to your project site.

pushase hps3.png


  • Simultaneous heating and cooling​ that is flexible and adaptive to many applications.

    • Ideal chiller alternative enabling fully-usable heat recovery.

    • Extended chilling capacity.

    • Domestic Hot Water (DHW) and amenity heating.

    • Space heating, dehumidification and reheating.

    • Ice rink flood water and snowmelt heating.

  • Energy-efficient modular design that can be easily expanded and also used in distributed district systems

  • Less space required to replace conventional
    chiller/boiler and dehumidification equipment with a scalable and highly-efficient Heat Pump Plant

  • Simplified service in an easy-access housing by a refrigeration technician

  • Low maintenance cost



The operational limits of our Water-to-Water Heat Pumps are project-specific for the required suitable application. Operating limits will vary with flow rates, evaporator and condenser temperatures and pressures, refrigerant type, fluid type, power supply and various other machine conditions.

The machine applications range from -15°C (+5°F) for an applications like a spectator ice arena to +65°C (+149°F) high temperature for an application like a laundry facility. The range of operation and related efficiency is tabulated for each application.


  • One-Year Warranty on all Parts

  • Compressor Service Valves

  • Liquid Line Sight Glass

  • Liquid Line Dryer

  • Crankcase Heaters

  • Voltage Protection

  • Compressors Internal Overload

  • Time Delay Compressor Staging

  • Compressors Adjustable Time Delay

  • Micro-Processor Based Control System

  • Fuse Protection on each Compressor

pushase hps3.jpg

  • High Side Line Temperature Protection

  • User Graphics and Programming

  • Independent Electronic High and Low-Pressure Controls

  • Electronic Thermostatic Expansion Valves & Control Interface
  • CSA Special Inspection Service Tested and has met CSA Group Special Publication SPE-1000, Model Code for the Evaluation of Electrical Equipment, and the Canadian Electrical Code for installations and use.

TRAK Energy Device - TED & imTED

imTED Box

The TRAK Energy Device (TED) Box is a patented project-specific, customized modular Box that typically fits between heated and cold water supply and return risers in a building and the Fan Coil Units of a suite or room(s). Each TED Box is a pre-assembly, plug & play unit of piping, fittings, isolation valves, circulating pump(s), heating and cooling valves, low-voltage transformer, connecting terminal strips, relays, fan speed controller, and other components that work with the fan coil supply and our TRAK Smart Energy System Controls and Building Automation System. TED Boxes expedite the installation and building system commissioning process.

The patented Intelligent Metering TRAK Energy Device (imTED) Box includes a revenue-grade Thermal (BTU) Meter measuring space heating and cooling and related flow and temperature sensors. It also has a domestic hot water meter, domestic cold water meter, plumbing isolation, and electrical disconnect. Its building-wide wired connection to meter controllers is integrated into the building TRAK SES Network. All utility use is sub-metered at each suite or room(s) for performance verification and billing by licensed utility companies. 

imTED box manufacturing 1_edited.jpg

Manufacturing the TRAK Energy Device (TED) Box

The Fireless Furnace from 76-years ago
Hydronic heat pumps and geoexchange are not new technologies,
but TRAK International Green Energy Resources 
does it the best.

Fireless Furnace

LIFE Magazine, Oct. 25, 1948 article on the Fireless Furnace.

Hydronic Heat Pumps and Geoexchange are not new technologies, but TRAK International Green Energy Resources does it the best. For over 30 years, we have engineered and manufactured custom modular hydronic heat pumps for our Smart Energy Systems that will reduce energy costs by 40-60% over conventional HVAC/R.

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