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  • Mitchell Wilkie

Get Email Addresses from LinkedIn Profiles Easily. is a Chrome browser extension you may install that enables the user to obtain the most recent email address from LinkedIn profiles. They claim to use big data and machine learning algorithms to find a person's email address in one second. It works most of the time, but you may get a notice that an email address is still being tested.

I tried it out and it definitely works to save time when prospecting to expand your contacts, network and clients. You get 10 free credits per month whereby one credit obtains one email address. You can subscribe to get more and this varies from an incremental monthly cost of $49 (300 credits) up to $399 (10,000 credits). You can also earn more credits by leaving comments on variety of other websites they have listed. Each comment gets another 5 credits which can be an effort for some users. You might spend that time hunting for email addresses by other means already, but it likely won't be faster. You can also get 300 credits for each friend you introduce to this service if they pay for a subscription. Give it a try.

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