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Smart Energy Systems

  • Reduce Energy Operating Costs 40%-60% & more

  • Reduce GHG Emissions up to 100%

  • Precise Building Environment & Process Controls

  • Conserve & Recycle Water

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs

  • Eliminate Boilers, Chillers, Cooling Towers & Guarded Plant Requirements

  • Safe, Very Small Volume, Non-ammonia Refrigerants

TRAK International Green Energy Resources (TIGER)

Professional mechanical design services for industrial, commercial, institutional, MURB, recreational, and agribusiness applications.


Closed-loop buried vertical HDPE pipes in a ground heat sink for heat rejection, heat recovery, and seasonal energy storage.

One-stop Solutions

One-stop Solutions

  • Modular 30 RT and 60 RT hydronic heat pumps.

  • Air handling/environment control panels.

  • TRAK Energy Device (TED) Box for fan coils and terminal units.

  • Intelligent Metering TRAK Energy Device (imTED) tracks all utilities. 


Energy Management System (EMS) Controls for operations sequencing and operator interface for process control and building automation.


TRAK works as an integrated team with its partners and clients. We offer complete solutions from preliminary planning, through construction, to ongoing monitoring and maintenance.


Leverage technology and environment:

  • Onsite Combined Heat and Power (CHP).

  • Hydronic Thermal Solar. 

  • Ambient heat rejection and recovery.


Services &


One-stop Solutions

  • Engineering

  • Design

  • Project Management

  • HVAC/R Equipment Manufacturer

  • Build & Installation

  • System Commissioning

  • Monitoring

  • Data Analysis & Trending

  • Maintenance

  • Financing & Incentives

Financing Options

Financing Options

No upfront costs,

cash flow positive,

and minimal risk

Turn capital expenses into operating expenses based on your realized energy savings through a Green Loan or performance contracting. Green Loans, Energy Service Agreements (ESAs), or Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) have the least risk to your balance sheet. This removes the need to secure capital, simplifies the approval process, and minimizes customer-facing risk.

Green Loans are used to fund the additional capital costs to make your development project more energy efficient and the loan is paid back by the energy savings generated. Principle and interest of the loan equals, or is less than, the amount of utility cost savings generated by the energy efficient upgrades & installations. The energy savings provide more funds than the capital costs of the upgrades and thereby generates bottom line revenue.

ESAs capture savings through energy efficiency upgrades that reduce usage. With an ESA, clients only pay based on our Smart Energy System's performance in actualized energy savings. TRAK's SES electricity and thermal energy meters help provide precision savings predictions. This allows repayments to be sized accordingly, keeping the client's cash flow positive.

PPAs are an arrangement in which TRAK would install, own, and operate an energy system on a client's property. The client then purchases the system's electric output for a predetermined period. A PPA allows the customer to receive stable and often low-cost electricity with no upfront cost. Though most commonly used for renewable energy systems producing electricity, PPAs can also be applied to other energy technologies such as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Cogeneration, a TRAK specialization with its Smart Energy System.

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TRAK International Green Energy Resources (TIGER)

Continuing the innovation and growth of TRAK Canada, TRAK International Green Energy Resources Inc. is an award-winning Engineering and Construction firm that has designed and built some of the most energy-efficient and sustainable HVAC and Refrigeration systems in North America since 1991. 

Our VISION is to be a leading sustainable HVAC/R company that best understands and satisfies mechanical, electrical, and controls needs for the commercial and industrial world.

Our MISSION is to provide customized, engineered solutions to energy-intensive users through dependable, efficient environmental control systems in the commercial, industrial, institutional and recreation sectors by our team of highly skilled accredited professionals. 


Our VALUE PROPOSITION is to provide sustainable, innovative HVAC/R Smart Energy Systems and Engineering Services to help industrial, commercial, institutional and recreational property owners who want to improve their facility and climate environmental controls by operating HVAC/R systems more efficiently and significantly reduce their overall energy use and carbon footprint unlike the conventional systems provided by typical HVAC/R companies.



We do HVAC/R differently to make a transformational green change. We passionately enable our clients to increase production and reduce operating costs by being proactive in consistently delivering reliable energy-saving processes and systems. Through high-performance standards, we leverage collective genius, collaborate and grow with our clients.


Clients trust us to adhere to our word, to complete the tasks we’re given and to do good for our mutual benefit.


Proven results come first for environmentally-beneficial, energy-efficient client solutions that reduce the carbon footprint. Our client’s money is wisely invested. We only use the resources necessary to complete the project.


Being exceptional just isn’t enough. With creativity, courage, and entrepreneurial spirit, we strive to be leaders in best-applied technology and redefine standards of excellence to improve society's needs. 

OUR CLIENTS are typically intensive energy users with a long-term interest in their buildings and processes. Our goals are often centered on increasing quality production in accordance with mutually recognized values and reducing operating costs to sustain and grow their business. We seek to understand our client’s facility and energy needs. Guided by professional engineering principles, we then create customized mechanical and electrical solutions that are designed and built to best meet each need in an effective way. 

Since the early 1990s, because of working with clients that have exceptional standards, TRAK's innovative commercial and institutional designs have won some of the most prestigious national awards for their energy efficiency, including Canada's Energy Efficiency Award for New Buildings. A component of this success has been the development of innovative, customized, sustainable Smart Energy Systems (SES) that involve a combination of our own manufactured modular, hydronic heat pumps, GeoExchange (ground source heating and cooling), solar energy collection, various heat recovery and reuse methods, on-site power generation, and thoughtful automated controls with ongoing performance monitoring. We have often facilitated financing to enable sustainable, upgraded or retrofit systems that have been comparatively cash flow positive from the first day of operation. TRAK has developed systems especially for:

  1. Recreation Facilities – Municipal and Institutional Ice Arenas, Curling Rinks and Swimming Pools. 

  2. Multi-Unit Residential Buildings – various Rental, Condominium, Long-term Care, Resort and Hotel Projects. 

  3. Industrial and Commercial-Scale Indoor Grow Facilities for clients such as Mettrum, Canopy, FV Pharma Inc. and several others. We can also significantly improve Vertical Farming and Hybrid Greenhouse operations. 

  4. District Energy Systems & Micro Utilities - these low-carbon thermal energy networks, are systems that distribute thermal energy to multiple buildings in an area or neighbourhood. Our systems typically consist of an HVAC heat pump central plant with geoexchange, combined heat & power cogeneration and a thermal network of pipes connected to a group of buildings. Owner and tenant occupants will have lower utility costs and energy-efficient, precision comfort.

We thrive on unique challenges and find solutions that lead to a better way for all concerned. 


Meet The Team


Mitchell Wilkie, MIM, SBCC, CMMIII

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Jeff Maxwell, P.Eng., LEED AP

CEO, President

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Scott Zimmer, P.Eng.


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Chief Strategy Officer

Lead Engineer

Manager, Eastern Canada

Meet The Team

Darrell Bertram

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Sabine Maxwell,  M.SC., B.ED., LEED AP BD+C

Green Projects Coordinator

Controller & Administrative Supervisor

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Andre Bourget, P.Eng.


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Senior Mechanical Engineer

Director, Drilling Operations

KELOWNA Head Office

5-1050 Leathead Road Kelowna, British Columbia CANADA V1X 2K1


Phone:  (250) 491-8460

Fax:  (250) 491-8642

ONTARIO Locations
Kitchener, Milton, Toronto


TRAK International 

Green Energy Resources

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