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TRAK EMS Controls

TRAK offers fully-customized and optimized Energy Management System (EMS) Controls for its Smart Energy Systems (SES).


TRAK is a KMC Controls factory-certified partner and authorized Systems Integrator that designs solutions for your unique application. From new construction to a partial retrofit, to a complete overhaul of your building’s systems, TRAK will guide you through the process of implementing a solution that is appropriate and cost-effective for you.

TRAK will evaluate, engineer, design, install, and commission a state-of-the art-system for your building, and provide monitoring to keep your system operating at peak performance. TRAK will educate and train your team on how to maximize energy savings, operational life, and system performance.


KMC offers products designed around the BACnet® open protocol. From powerful enterprise software and applications to advanced application and building controllers. KMC's scalable systems offer building owners and TRAK maximum flexibility in implementation and control.

TRAK is your source for the entire KMC Catalogue of building system hardware including networkable/communicating thermostats, analog electronic controls and actuators, and industry-standard pneumatic designs.

Unlike our competitors, there is a one-time purchase for all TRAK software and licensing. TRAK control hardware is sold to the client. Controls updates should not be required for a closed network. However, your industrial or commercial processes and building environment might change with expansion and growth. If new SES features are desired, TRAK would discuss modifications with each client and these could also be included in our Service Agreement with you. 


TRAK’s Controls strength comes in having it as part of a complete Smart Energy System (SES) package. Being involved with project planning and construction, TRAK engineers have both a clearer understanding of the clients need for sequences of operation, and we have lower labour costs overall due to:

  • less labour time to understand what needs to be done;

  • less requirement to produce external documentation;

  • less communication and coordination with other parties, but more communication and coordination with the client.

Controls Features:

  • Custom Graphical User Interface (GUI) to integrate with client sequences of operation through a web portal.

  • Trending to record and store process data.

  • Audit log to record web portal activity.

  • UPS power backup ensures increased reliability and maintains communication during power failures.

TRAK Controls GUI on laptop

TRAK Custom Graphical User Interface - Clients can access and control the system with any desktop or handheld Windows-based computer

TRAK Digital Network Building Controls

TRAK Digital Network Building Controls

  • Clients can access and control the system remotely by a Windows-based computer.

  • Email alerts inform operators of equipment failures or conditions that are out of specification.
  • Feature access can be set for different User levels.

  • Remote monitoring and assistance from TRAK is available with Monitoring and/or Service Agreements.

  • Integration with fire/emergency sensors to shut down our equipment in an emergency is available.

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