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TRAK Projects

Scroll below to view some select sample Projects undertaken by TRAK International Green Energy Resources in a variety of industry sectors that include Multi-unit Residential Buildings (MURBs), Hotels & Resorts, Wineries, Recreation Arenas (ice rinks, aquatics centres), Institutions (Schools, Churches, Long-term Care) and Pharma Grow-op. Common among them all is reducing their intensive energy costs.

District HVAC System with GeoExchange
Recreation Complex with ice rink and aquatics

Chill Arena Ice Rink, dehumidify air, and simultaneously heat Aquatics Pool, Hot Water and all Spaces

District HVAC Systems for Multiple Buildings

TRAK Smart Energy Systems (SES) achieve exceptional energy cost savings in Recreation Complexes with ice pads and aquatics centres. Our TRAK Heat Pumps borrow and move energy from many sources including geoexchange fields to make ice and heat pools simultaneously while providing a precision indoor environment. We don't use dangerous ammonia refrigerant!

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