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Abbott House

2901 Abbott Street, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada V1Y1G7
Abbott House at night
TRAK Heat Pump manufacturing
Abbott House 1.png

Manufacturing of TRAK Heat Pumps

Abbott House is a unique 48 condo development with phenomenal architecture and a green-conscious TRAK GeoExchange System, located in the Lower Mission on a stunning block of Abbott Street only minutes from the beach.


TRAK Canada provided design-build services for HVAC, plumbing, piping and controls. The HVAC design is centred on a 120-ton central heat pump plant, for which TRAK custom manufactured the heat pumps.


The vertical ground heat exchanger for Abbott House is a very deep and totally closed-loop, circulating an environmentally safe water/glycol fluid. Unlike open loop GeoExchange systems, there is no mixing of groundwater and unlike less efficient horizontal ground loops there is no temperature impact at the surface. There are no local greenhouse gas emissions, noise, pollution and temperature emissions that can affect microbiology and indirectly or directly the fish and wildlife that live on the doorstep of the Abbott House. 

Project Details

Developer: Huntington Homes

TRAK Contract Amount: $1,650,000

Amount financed: $350,000

Abbott House 4.jpg
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