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Bielenberg Arena - HealthEast Sports Center

4125 Radio Drive (Bailey) Woodbury, Minnesota 55129 USA
Bielenberg Arena Ice Rink
Bielenberg GeoExchange Field Drilling.jpg
Heat Pumps Installed at Bielenberg Arena

TRAK was subcontracted by Harris Mechanical to design a retrofit central plant using heat pumps and a 60 hole, 160’ deep bore field in lieu of a conventional refrigeration system. It was imperative to the City of Woodbury that the ice arena remain operational producing revenue and serving the community during the length of the project. Harris accomplished this by retrofitting the existing mechanical system to use a temporary ice chiller located outside the building while the existing equipment was being demolished and the new equipment was being installed. The entire mechanical room was also modelled in 3D by Harris and piping was prefabricated to minimize on-site construction time. Harris Companies provided guaranteed energy savings.


TRAK Services:  


Design GeoExchange, plumbing, piping and HVAC systems including below bleacher unit heaters to heat spectator seating area.


Provide Heat Pumps. The installed system has four nominal 60-ton heat pumps dedicated to the Source Loop providing -11°C to -9.4°C (12°F to 15°F) chilled glycol/water solution for two arena floors. The system also has two nominal 60-ton heat pumps dedicated to the Load Loop that provides 63°C (145°F) hot glycol/water for space ventilation heating, resurface ice melting, sub-floor heating, and ice resurface and domestic water heating. TRAK Heat Pumps were manufactured at Harris’ fabrication shop, Midwest Fabrication and Supply (MFS) in Zumbrota, MN.


Customer: City of Woodbury, Minnesota, USA

Prime contractor:  Harris Companies

Completion: May 15, 2009

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