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The Cove Lakeside Resort

4205 Gellatly Rd, West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada V4T 2K2


Owner Occupant: Mr. Jonathon Campbell, Hawaiian Development Corp, Strata President (604) 557-6400

Developer: Okanagan Land Developments, Mr. Bob Glass, MacDonald Development Corporation

Project Designer and Manager: Jeff Maxwell ,  Michal Thompson

GeoExchange Provider: Bertram Drilling Corp.

Project Contract: $4.2 Million

Project Completed: 2005

Cove Lakeside Resort Heat Pumps
Cove Lakeside Resort

TRAK Canada designed and built the complete plumbing and very energy-efficient HVAC system for this 150 suite resort hotel.


The property features 480Ton Central TRAK GeoExchange System providing all heating, cooling and domestic hot water heating. Operation in the occupied spaces is very quiet. The system is sustained by various heat recovery methods.


The main floor hotel areas include a restaurant, spa, offices and other amenity spaces that are heated and cooled from the same central system, as are the pools, hot tubs, slide, pool deck, entrance snowmelt, parking garage and overall ventilation system. Complete remote access to automated building systems allows for off-site monitoring. These systems allow the resort to operate at a very low cost. 


TRAK custom designed and manufactured the Heat Pumps in the central plant, as well as the TRAK Energy Device (TED) boxes which are control terminal units for heating and cooling distribution.

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