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Eagan Civic Arena

3870 Pilot Knob Rd, Eagan, Minnesota 55122 USA
Eagan Civic Arena Rink Floor Installation
Eagan Civic Arena Heat Pumps & Header
Eagan Civic Arena GeoExchange Field Drilling
Eagan Civic Arena GeoExchange PE Pipe Installation



Customer:  City of Eagan

Mechanical Contractor:  TRAK International

Scope:  Design/Build Mechanical & Electrical

DOE Grant:  $1,338,000

Utility Incentive:  $85,073

Project Contract:  US$3,200,000

Project Manager:  Jim Magrew

Completion:  August 2010

TRAK International and The City of Eagan had an existing service agreement for the maintenance of the Government Center and Civic Arena prior to the new construction. TRAK approached the City with the idea of upgrading the mechanical systems in its facility with high-performance equipment. The project scope included:


  • A high-performance GeoExchange system.

  • Install a new ice sheet and dasher board.

  • Providing a new bleacher heating system.

  • Expand the automation system.


On the Civic Arena project, TRAK’s involvement contributed to the project’s success in several ways:


Federal Grant – As part of our project development activities, TRAK drafted a Federal Energy Conservation grant application on behalf of the City, and enabled it to receive $1,338,000 in funds for the project. These funds allowed the City to expand the project scope and incorporate additional capital improvements.


Energy Modeling: Guaranteed – TRAK provided a comprehensive energy, life cycle, and deferred maintenance financial model that helped the project obtain City approval. As a condition of the City’s contract, TRAK provided a 20-year bond guaranteeing annual savings.


Logistics Planning – The Civic Arena is a major revenue source for the City so construction activities needed to be planned without downtime. TRAK accomplished this with careful planning and sequencing of central plant construction activities. TRAK’s new mechanical design called for retrofitting the gas-fired equipment in the administrative and locker room areas. TRAK coordinated work in administrative areas so that disruptions were minimized.


Schedule Management – From City approval to completion, TRAK designed and built the Eagan project in 5 months. This aggressive schedule was monitored and managed by TRAK through weekly on-site progress meetings.


Upon completion, The Eagan Civic Arena project was delivered successfully on time, on budget, and without any disruptions to scheduled events.

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