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FV Pharma

Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
TRAK Heat Pumps - FV Pharma installation

TRAK International Heat Pumps

TRAK Installation Circulating Pumps FVPharma

Circulating Pumps

TRAK Air Handling Unit - FV Pharma

Air Handling Unit & TRAK Controls

FV Pharma Inc. is a Canadian-based company claiming a federal license to cultivate cannabis under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). FV Pharma Inc. Cobourg Facility is a cannabis production facility with a current production area of 20,000 square feet that was built-out by TRAK International. TRAK studied and designed for the build-out of the available 620,000 square feet of building space.

Phase 1 – TRAK Mechanical and Electrical Design and Construction included mechanical, electrical, and some general services for multiple grow rooms, mother room, clone room, vault  and other production spaces that involved the central plant and main hydronic heat pump modules, circulating pumps, main piping loop sizing and multiple make-up air handlers, preparations for next phase expansion, and a system-wide energy-management and controls system for a complete installation. The project scope work completed is valued at about $3,000,000. TRAK remotely monitored and assisted the operation of the new cannabis grow environment.

Phase 2 – Upon being awarded an extended agreement for design and intent for construction, TRAK completed the study, modelling and design of system expansion upon to an additional 200,000 square feet that would extend to Phase 3. Working with local power authorities, TRAK completed a Detailed Engineering Study (DES) on an industrial system for the integration of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant, with the facility’s Phase 2 expansion and how it will enable and reduce electricity use and offset heating requirements. The DES determined the electricity savings and capital cost for the CHP measure. The initial 4 MW CHP Plant has the potential to save approximately 32,000 MWh of grid electricity and $2,700,000 per year in customer net operating costs. 

TRAK completed the initial Phase 2 and 3 design, obtained equipment, material, and subcontractor costs, and certified an Advanced Order of Magnitude Estimate and Construction Schedule that enabled operation by December 2018, based on the planned May 2018 start date.  

TRAK Controls - FV Pharma
TRAK Controls Install FVPharma

TRAK Controls

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