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Inn at Big White

5340 Big White Rd, Beaverdell, (Big White), British Columbia, Canada, V1P 1P3



Project Completion: Phase I – 2004 , Phase II - 2010
Project Cost: $350,000 , $80,000
Project Manager: Jeff Maxwell, Michal Thompson

GeoExchange Field Installer: Darrell Bertram, Bertram Drilling
Reference Contact: 

Brian Wall, Property Manager
Kelowna Condominium Services Ltd.
Phone: 250-860-5445

The TRAK HVAC System was retrofit into an existing construction to improve inside building conditions and reduce operating costs.

TRAK Canada designed and implemented vertical boreholes, custom manufactured central heat pumps, air handler coils, and heat exchangers to offset the existing ventilation, domestic hot water, pool and hot tub heating. Twenty-four solar panels compliment the ground loop recovery and improve the overall efficiency of the retrofit. The ski resort’s outdoor pools and snowmelt system operate throughout the winter.

The project was financed to the occupying Strata Corporation such that it has been cash-flow positive from the first day of operation in 2004 and continues to enable ongoing operation cost savings for the owners.

Using savings from the first phase, a second phase of the project was added in 2010 to incorporate laundry exhaust air and wastewater heat recovery and improve the range and overall efficiency of the system. The system is operated by a building-wide TRAK Energy Management Control System.

System Features

  • Solar Assisted Vertical Ground Loop

  • 75-Ton custom-designed TRAK heat pumps.

  • TRAKEMS Controls.

  • 100% TRAK financed (no net cost to owners).

Inn at Big White
Inn at Big White hydronic solar
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