Outback Lakeside Vacation Homes

Vernon, BC, Canada
View of Trout Lake Townhomes
Outback Lakeside Resort District Siteplan
Outback Lakeside Resort Site Plan

A TRAK District GeoExchange-based HVAC System provides heating and cooling for various building clusters, pools, hot tubs, and multiple buildings.

Networked central plants with custom-built TRAK water-to-water heat pumps provide 750-ton HVAC capacity to the property. The plants are integrated through TRAK DDC Energy Management Controls have complete remote access and monitoring capability.


The energy-efficient systems allow the resort to operate at low operating costs. Pools are generally heated as a free by-product of space cooling.



Okanagan Land Development                       MacDonald Development Corp

Project Managers: Jeff Maxwell, Michal Thompson

GeoExchange Provider: Bertram Drilling Corp.

Project Contract: $4.6 Million

Completion: 2007



Project Completion: Phase I – 2004, Phase II - 2010
Project Cost: $350,000, $80,000
Project Manager: Jeff Maxwell, Michal Thompson
Reference Contact: 

Brian Wall, Property Manager
Kelowna Condominium Services Ltd.
Phone: 250-860-5445

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