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Outback Lakeside Vacation Homes

9845 Eastside Rd, Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, V1H 1Z2
View of Trout Lake Townhomes
Outback Lakeside Resort District Siteplan
Outback Lakeside Resort Site Plan

A TRAK District GeoExchange-based HVAC System provides heating and cooling for various building clusters, pools, hot tubs, and multiple buildings.

Networked central plants as part of an efficient distributed district energy system with custom-built TRAK water-to-water heat pumps provide 750-ton HVAC capacity to the property. The plants are integrated through TRAK DDC Energy Management Controls that have complete remote access and monitoring capability. The geoexchange system features horizontal and vertical boreholes in rock, heat exchange with the lake, and various snow pool deck and snowmelt features.


The energy-efficient systems allow the resort to operate at low operating costs. Pools are generally heated as a free by-product of space cooling.


Customer: Okanagan Land Development,             MacDonald Development Corp.

Project Managers: Jeff Maxwell, Michal Thompson

GeoExchange Provider: Darrell Bertram, Bertram Drilling Corp.

Project Contract: $4.6 Million

Completion: 2007



Project Completion: Phase I – 2004, Phase II - 2010
Project Cost: $350,000, $80,000
Project Manager: Jeff Maxwell, Michal Thompson
Reference Contact: 

Brian Wall, Property Manager
Kelowna Condominium Services Ltd.
Phone: 250-860-5445

Outback Lakeside Vacation Homes
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