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Summerland Waterfront Resort

 13011 Lakeshore Drive South, Summerland, British Columbia, Canada V0H 1Z1
Summerland Waterfront Resort Site Plan
Summerland Waterfront Resort

Summerland Waterfront Resort is located right on the shores of Lake Okanagan. It was built in two phases, Lodge I with 74 units and Lodge II with 22 units, with an existing restaurant in the middle.

The plumbing and HVAC system, designed and installed by TRAK Canada, satisfies 100% of all heating, cooling and domestic hot water requirements using a centralized TRAK GeoExchange system. The buildings share a connection between ground loops and the ability to share other heat recovery and heat rejection components. The parking garages are fully heated. The restaurant, an independent building, was added and appended to the central system.

Similar to other TRAK projects, the central heat pumps were custom manufactured by TRAK and the buildings are operated by a centralized energy management system. There is no mechanical noise in the guest rooms.

Summerland has significantly high cooling loads. As a by-product of the cooling process, energy recovered is used for domestic hot water, pool and hot tub heating.

In addition to major building functions, the energy management system enables remote individual room control and performance trending.

Reference Contact:
Sandra Robertson, Gateway Property Management
Phone: 250-762-0327


Customer: Summerland Resort Properties Ltd.
Mechanical Contractor: Valley Plumbing and Heating
Project Contract: 1.8 Million Phase I, 1.17 Million Phase II
Project Manager: Jeff Maxwell
Completion: 2004 and 2007 respectively

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