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Summit Elementary School

2210 Waterford St, Casper, Wyoming 82609 USA
Summit Elementary School Rendering
Summit Elementary School
Summit Elementary School Interior
Mike & Jeff Maxwell

Mike Maxwell & Jeff Maxwell

TRAK International Green Energy Resources

Contracting to the General Contractor and working with EDA Engineering, Harris Companies and TRAK International designed and built the plumbing and energy-efficient HVAC systems for the 60,000 square foot Summit Elementary School.  

The school features a 210 Ton central plant TRAK GeoExchange System providing 100% of the heating, cooling and domestic hot water heating. Extremely quiet operation in the occupied spaces and various heat recovery methods create and sustain an ideal indoor learning environment. 

The TRAK System features (3) 60 Ton heating and cooling and (1) 30 Ton domestic water heat pump, iTED boxes, thermal solar collection, exhaust air heat recovery methods, and TRAK EMS controls on a KMC DDC platform. 

I'm loving this system. I have never been so comfortable in a building - I am usually freezing -  not this one, it's great!

Dr. Anne LaPlante, Ed.D.
Principal, Summit Elementary School


TRAK supplied mechanical components consisting of TRAK Energy Device (TED) Boxes, automated control valves, damper actuators, all electronic temperature sensors, pressure sensors, etc., installed by Mechanical Division 15 with electrical connections by Division 16.

Mechanical Room:
In the primary mechanical room, there are no chillers or boilers.  Instead, there are packaged water-to-water (hydronic) heat pumps for cooling or heating water. The heat pumps are provided by TRAK International and field installed by a mechanical contractor.  At any time, the system can simultaneously provide either heating or cooling water via the Load or Source loops.  The heat pumps are modular and sit side by side. They are roughly 3 feet wide by 6 feet tall and 3.5 feet deep. The heat pumps are connected to the bore-hole well field, Load Loop, and Source Loop through automated valves.      

The sub mechanical rooms throughout the building contain packaged air handling/ MUA units that contain 2 coils. Each coil can be used for heating or cooling at any time.

Solar Panels:
Solar panels are 4 feet wide x 10 feet tall panels.


General Contractor: Adolfson & Peterson Construction
Design and Mechanical Construction Managers:

Jeff Maxwell, P.Eng., Steve Lutz, PE, Mike Biebl 
Prime Mechanical/Electrical Engineer:

EDA Engineering, Ken Hilton, PE , Ph: (307) 266-5033
TRAK Contract Amount: $2,000,000 (GeoExchange & Controls)
Completion: 2010

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