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Sundance Lodge

Big White Ski Resort, 255 Feathertop Rd, Beaverdell, British Columbia, Canada V1P 1P3
Sundance Lodge
Sundance Resort Pool

Sundance Resort is located at Big White Ski Resort, just 40 minutes from Kelowna.


For the resort to be energy efficient and to keep things greener and cleaner at Big White, Sundance Resort, specifically Lodge I and II, has geothermal heating and cooling for the majority of the resort and amenities resulting in considerable energy efficiency and a substantial reduction in building emissions.


The HVAC system designed by TRAK Canada, features an outdoor pool, hot tubs, slide, deck snowmelt, entrance snowmelt, ventilation, parking, domestic and laundry hot water heating.


A central plant with 200 Ton of water-to-water (hydronic) heat pumps extract heat from a vertical ground loop, exhaust air, dryer exhaust, wastewater and solar heat recovery sources. The system is managed by a complete digital TRAK EMS controls system. The project was 50% financed and provided to the developer at lower than the cost of conventional systems, yet operate at about 30% the cost of the next best alternative.


Customer: Legend Resort Developments

Project Contract: $600,000

Project Manager: Jeff Maxwell

GeoExchange Installer: Bertram Drilling Corp.

Completion: 2003


Reference Contact:

Brian Wall, Property Manager

Kelowna Condominium Services Ltd.

Phone: 250-860-5445

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